Harry Stylli

Entrepreneur Investor in Diagnostics and Therapeutics



The founder and executive chairman of Progenity, a genetic testing company, Dr. Harry Stylli draws on more than three decades of experience in healthcare research. He previously served as president and CEO of CovX Pharmaceuticals and held several senior executive roles at Aurora Biosciences, both of which he guided to successful acquisition by major pharmaceutical companies. Subsequently, Dr. Harry Stylli served as president, CEO, and director of Xencor, overseeing its transition from tools manufacturing to biopharmaceutical development

Concurrent with his work at Progenity, Dr. Harry Stylli is the chairman of OncoCellMDx Inc., which develops and brings to market innovative testing systems. The company makes use of proprietary technology licensed through Harvard Medical School to produce advanced oncology and non-oncology testing. Since Dr. Stylli assumed leadership of OncoCellMDx, the company has continued to provide clinical teams with tools that support informed medical decision-making.

To date, the company has developed a number of unique platforms, including an immunogenomic analysis that powers the evaluation of cancers. This particular tool, which is appropriate for laboratory developed test (LDT) and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) pathways, identifies and evaluates transcription levels between non-phagocytic and phagocytic lymphocytes. Through a combination of the firm’s unique technology and advanced learning algorithms, the platform enables physicians to grade tumors and distinguish aggressive disease from benign tumors or the absence of pathology.

In his work with OncoCellMDx, as well as through his leadership of Progenity, Dr. Harry Stylli facilitates the development of tools that provide physicians and their patients with key data. He also supports advancements in medical science through his philanthropic activities. An advisory board member with the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Dr. Stylli also serves as honorary director for the ABC Youth Foundation.


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